Sandrine’s paintings from Louvre Museum / National Gallery London

The paintings made in Museums have got a reference of the authorisation in the two mentionned muséums. All theses copies are made after Masters in front of the original by artist Sandrine REY, they are luckilly available today and to be seen on request. Please take contact. The copying in Museums art is not allowed as it used to be.  Therefore these copies are unique.
Diogène jetant son écuelle. Nicolas Poussin.
La petite bacchanale. Nicolas Poussin
Le débarquement de Cléopatre. Claude le Lorrain
Un port la nuit au clair de lune. Joseph Vernet
Landscape with a man killed by a snake. Nicolas POUSSIN
Adoration of the golden calf. Nicolas POUSSIN
Le triomphe de Flore. Nicolas Poussin
Vue avec le capitole. Claude le Lorrain.
Céphale et l’Aurore. Nicolas Poussin.
La dame en bleu. Camille Corot.
Le verrou. Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Plus d’exemples de peintures réalisées au Musée, merci de visiter :